Tawna Halbert

Tawna Halbert

10:30 am | Expressive Art & Movement Meditation | Black Box


Tawna’s background has been fueled by the question “how do we inhabit our bodies?” She started as a dancer, became a licensed teacher, earned her Yoga certification, and spent seven years teaching both yoga and dance to kids in public education. She witnessed shifts in students’ awareness, which inspired her to pursue creative movement therapy. She is currently in the throes of a Clinical Internship at the Ogden YCC, where she uses art and movement to help kids and women who’ve experienced trauma and domestic abuse process their inner worlds. “Through movement, we learn to accurately identify what scares, upsets and delights us. In my classes, I love to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness, and a safe space to be.”



Class Name: Expressive Art and Movement Meditation. Length: 1 hr. Description: This class combines meditation and expression. We’ll start in quiet meditation, then move into an art form that inspires you-drawing, and even dancing/moving. The premise? When we sit still and quiet our mind, we hear our intuition, our felt-senses. When we become friends with the felt-sense through artistic expression, we gain personal insights. we learn to trust our highest, most creative selves.