Shawnee Maysak

Shawnee Maysak

9:00 am | Introduction to Flower Essences | Davinci A2


I am a Flower Essence Practitioner and Shamanic Healing Practitioner whose dedicated and passionate about spreading this medicine. I am deeply devoted to my family and our 1 year old Son. I aim to spread as much medicine, light and love as I can because we are all incredibly in NEED of it. I’ll forever be an apprentice to Mother Earth and this path. <3



Join me and let’s explore Flower Essences! Flower Essences are energetic, liquid plant-spirit medicine that we take internally to aid in emotional healing. It is used to shift deep-seated patterns, beliefs, wounding, (and much more!) that we carry. This class is for ALL! We will go on a personal and shared flower essence experience!