Nikole Widdison

Nikole Widdison

2:30 pm | Slow Burn YinYasa Trap Yoga | Art Room


Nikole Widdison (200RYT) I began practicing Yoga in 2011. I will always remember when a teacher told me “You don’t find Yoga, Yoga finds you”. That statement was so profound to me. Since then I knew I wanted to deepen my knowledge and share my love of yoga with the world. So I enrolled in Teacher training and was blessed in my journey in completing my 200 RYT at Timeless Yoga in 2015; not realizing the impact that it would have on my life. Yoga has truly been a beautiful journey, it has taught me many things about myself and my potential. As a chronic asthmatic yoga has helped me with building a better foundation between body, mind, and breath and has taught me through my practice I can control my anxiety, learning to listen to my body and control my busy mind and just turn my focus inward. My love of yoga has led to many styles that I enjoy. I teach Restorative, Gentle yoga, and a slow burn flow yoga connecting YOUR breath to YOUR movement. I love to bring something new to my classes. My life vision is to continue my journey as a student and as a teacher who guides everyone that Yoga is for everybody no matter your limitations.
Peace and love in your Journey



End your hot girl or hot boy summer with a SLo burn yoga flow to get your body heated for the fall. 

Come join me for Low key Trap yoga 

Be free……activate your Sacral Chakra

I promise you won’t regret it!