Micah Scholes

Micah Scholes

2:30 pm | The Art + Science of Scholés Yoga | Black Box


Micah helps people become their own best teacher.

As the Founder of Scholés Yoga and Dean of Scholés Yoga University, he has personally facilitated thirty yoga teacher trainings as well as countless workshops and electives. Students describe his teaching style as intense but empowering. His classes share the joy and inspiration that exist in every moment – even those that are uncomfortable or challenging. He firmly believes that the way yoga teachers can do the greatest good is to help people become their own best teacher.Micah is a consummate student and has completed well over five thousand hours of training and study in the yogic arts. In addition to exhaustive studies in yoga and meditation, Micah has four college degrees, including a doctorate in jurisprudence. As a bar licensed attorney, he is proud to have worked with the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office, the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center, and numerous other governmental or nonprofit organizations that protect and serve the underprivileged and marginalized. In his spare time, Micah enjoys anything that gets him outside and connected to nature, especially rock climbing, surfing, hiking, stand up paddleboarding, marksmanship, camping, and other wilderness adventures.



Come experience a truly modern approach to yoga that honors the ancient traditions while exploring what comes next. Join Scholés Founder Micah Scholes for a vigorous and dynamic yoga practice designed to harness your innate creativity and intuition. Together we will combine innovative, dynamic sequences with long, meditative holds to create a rhythmic interplay of activity and stillness. Although this class will be incredibly motivating and emotionally intense (if you so choose), you will also be encouraged to take rest and modify each pose as you see fit. All ages and ability levels welcome and supported.

Learn more about Scholés Yoga at scholeyoga.com.