Mara Veltman

Mara Veltman

9:00 am | Color Urban Yoganics | Black Box


Yoga is a personal journey and as a teacher, I teach in a way that allows you to be your own guide. To allow you to let go and discover to listen to your mind and body and see what’s going on within. I teach what took me 17 yrs to find out- so that it doesn’t take others that long to discover what it’s about. Alignment isn’t about the perfect pose- alignment is truly a union of mind, body and your higher-self.

When I started yoga it was elusive!!! It was full of riddles yet people ‘seemed’ to get it- and they weren’t sharing yoga in a way that made sense other than “perfect poses” and practicing to fancy foreign music.

I allow my students to practice in the dark. And rather than giving strict Vinyasa routines I give students the freedom to listen to their own intuition- intuitive movement within the realms of their own functional alignment. We all aren’t “Instagram yoga models”

Allowing students to have freedom in their practice allows them to experience release so they can create space and experience enlightenments- That they never knew could happen. Practicing in the dark allows students to not worry about what they look like and helps them focus on what they feel like.

I use color lighting that helps with the atmosphere and good music to help students connect and let go more easily.


Color Urban Yoganics