Kaylie Driver

Kaylie Driver

9:00 am | Yoga Nidra | Band Room


Kaylie grew up on the stage, dancing for 12 years. This consisted of many styles and she was highly into the performing arts including film and theater acting, and she has always been drawn to the arts.

She was introduced to yoga at the age of 14 when her world was falling apart, and Yoga pulled her out of the dark place she was in. She instantly fell in love with the practice as a way of self-expression and as a way to connect through the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of what yoga has to offer. She dove into the healing properties and the power of energy that Yoga provided and it changed her whole perspective on life. She learned to appreciate the true beauty within ourselves and the universe.

Yoga continues to help Kaylie learn and grow and to connect the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. She wants to share with you the healing properties that yoga has offered her and to help you find the love we all have within. When she’s not engaged in Yoga or the arts, Kaylie enjoys eating, hiking, watching TV, and sleeping.



Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep): Yoga Nidra is a meditation that goes through the five brainwaves of a sleep cycle rewiring the brain from various types of truama and illnesses. It goes through body awareness, breath awareness, the creative mind, and bliss. Length: 1 Hour 15 min