Heather Sky

Heather Sky

2:30 pm | Finding Alignment & Balance in Handstands | Band Room


Heather Sky is known to present complicated alignment principles in a unique, accessible, and comprehensible way. She approaches the yoga practice with a uniquely modern integration of alignment, anatomy, and explorative movement. In her workshops, you will have the opportunity to playfully explore alignment without exploiting your body, through a mindful methodology that allows students to create a deeper awareness of their experience off the mat. She aspires to share her passion for alignment and biomechanics with the yoga community worldwide.


AN EXPLORATION OF BACKBENDS: Backbending is a powerful experience. The depth and demand of these poses is unparalleled in the yoga practice, and—when done correctly—they keep your spine healthy and your posture upright by counteracting the tendency to collapse the chest and by strengthening the muscles of the spine and the shoulders. They help alleviate breathing problems by creating space in the chest, stretching intercostal muscles and reinforcing a sense of expansion in the lungs. Backbends must be practiced with mindfulness and respect. In this workshop, we’ll breakdown the different components of backbends and delve methodically into avoiding compression of the spine. Appropriate for all levels of practitioners (including teachers). 75-120 minutes FINDING ALIGNMENT & BALANCE IN HANDSTAND: Inversions can be intimidating, but through intelligent sequencing and thoughtful instruction, you can gain confidence and overcome your fear. Whether you are brand new to handstand or an advanced handstand practitioner, Heather Sky will help you build the skills required in safely approaching the inversion practice. When you shift your focus from attaining the inversion to building the strength, alignment, and balance in the underlying actions… you create the potential to attain a deeper awareness of the alignment in every aspect of your life. In this playful workshop we will refine the fundamentals, discuss body mechanics and optimal position, as well as guiding you through a series of handstand drills and progressions to continue your handstand journey. Appropriate for all levels of practitioners (including teachers). 75-120 minutes