Heather Jones-Proctor

Heather Jones-Proctor

2:30 pm | Yoga for Athletes | YOGA LOFT 2


Heather Jones-Proctor is a 200 HR E-RYT, certified personal trainer, functional movement specialist, and running coach with 13 years experience in the fitness industry. Heather has also been a long-distance runner for the past 18 years and is passionate about helping athletes stay strong and flexible. Her high energy and knowledge of all things alignment makes for a fun and fulfilling yoga class!


Yoga for Athletes, Vinyasa, 75 Minutes: Join Heather Jones-Proctor in this all-levels yoga class where she takes you through a series of highly effective strengthening and stretching exercises that are key to the demands of an athlete, no matter what sport you are involved in. We will enhance sports skills by improving balance, core strength, flexibility and breathing techniques. This class may be what you’re missing in your training regime.