Emilie Davis

Emilie Davis

Cooking with Anti-Inflammatory Foods | DAVINCI A2


Emilie Davis received a Master of Science in Nutrition, MScN, from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. The program focused on healing all body systems with real food and an emphasis on long-term sustainability. Everything she learned in the classroom was applied in the kitchen. Let Emilie teach you how to eat real food again.

In Emilie’s private practice, she provides nutritional support and counseling to patients with a variety of needs. Her interests and specialties include: children and adults with behavioral and neurological disorders, autoimmune disease, gut health, food relationship coaching including intuitive and mindful eating, and more.

When Emilie isn’t working with patients she loves to hike or run with her Goldendoodle Gatsby. She enjoys cooking, reading, and dreams of traveling the world.

Emilie Davis, MScN
Holistic Nutrition Counselor
Certified Auto-immune Paleo (AIP) Coach



Cooking with Anti-inflammatory Foods
Inflammation is at the root of many diseases and disorders. The symptoms can be anything from headaches and brain fog to painful joints or bloating. Inflammation is a normal immune response to an injury or infection and usually resolves quickly. The problem is when inflammation doesn’t resolve and becomes a chronic condition that it starts to affect other body systems. Come learn about foods that not only fuel your body and provide optimum nutrition, but also reduce inflammation. This is key to relieving symptoms and getting back on track. Participants of this class will receive a 3-day anti-inflammatory meal plan.