Dr. Seth Woolstenhulme

Dr. Seth Woolstenhulme

1:00 pm | Activate Your Brain | Davinci A2


Dr. Seth is one of four board-certified Functional Neurology Chiropractors in Utah and the Owner of Activate Brain Clinic & Chiropractic. At Activate our goal is to help you be the best version of yourself and we believe that starts with the brain. Not only do we run testing to see how well your brain is ACTIVATED we also give you specific brain and body exercises to help you on your road to being the best you, you can be. Along with Neurology and Chiropractic, we also offer Energy work through Foot Zone Therapy by Jenn Woolstenhulme who also has a degree in Health Coaching. We believe there is so much that comes with being the best you, you can be. With that, there is cleaning out toxins, speaking to ourselves kindly, stretching, alignment, finding and learning our balance along with feeding our hearts, minds, and souls. Of course, keeping your brain ACTIVATED.


We like to teach people more about the brain and brain health we also like to have a very light standing movement that we use as Brain Testing so people will be able to actually see what parts of their brain need to be ACTIVATED. We also like to talk lightly about positive affirmations and taking care of our emotions/ traumas too for better health. Along with benefits of movement, strength and stretching.