Brett Braatz

Brett Braatz

9:00 am | Let Go, Let Love Flow | Art Room


Brett began practicing yoga in 2004. Since then, he experienced several spontaneous and life-transforming realizations which occurred during the practice of yoga or immediately following it. Being a scientist, he sought to understand the connection between these experiences and the practice of yoga. His research led him to understand that experiences like the ones he had are well known in the wisdom traditions which Yogis have been developing, practicing, and transmitting for thousands of years. His desire to give others an opportunity to experience the gifts of yoga led to his Purna Yoga 200 hour instructor certification in 2010, a heart-centered Iyengar-based style. He understands that the practice of yoga; 1) opens the body which gives rise to physical health, 2) opens the mind which gives rise to mental health, and 3) opens the heart to reveal the True-Self within which leads to the total acceptance and unconditional love of self and others.


Come and do yoga with Brett. The intention will be to let go and let the yoga do you! Brett will lead you through a slow moving Hatha yoga practice that emphasizes letting go and letting love flow through your essence. We will destress and detox our minds and bodies and open our hearts using fundamental yoga techniques; body awareness, present moment awareness, a meditative balance between effort and ease, yogic breathing, muscular action, lengthening, bending, twisting, and balancing. Savasana will integrate all this to take you to where ever it is that you are ready to go. If you haven’t already done so, just maybe you’ll meet and discover unconditional love for your True-Self, a possible outcome of yoga practice that yogis have known about for thousands of years.