Brad Carroll

Brad Carroll

9:00 am | No Standing Allowed | YOGA LOFT 1


Brad Carroll has been practicing yoga since 2005, and has been teaching since 2008. Brad and Kathy Stobaugh founded Ogden Sangha Yoga in 2013. Brad enjoys teaching several different styles of yoga, from a gentle restorative yoga that increases flexibility and range of motion, to a more vigorous traditional yoga class with sun salutations and warrior poses. Brad practices yoga for peace of mind.


“No Standing Allowed” This hatha yoga class will explore the many yoga poses that do not involve standing on your feet. This is an active class (not restorative) that will surprise you with the variety of poses you can do without standing. The level will vary from some luxurious stretches to some challenging asanas. Bring a block and a blanket if you have them, but they are not required for this class. Length: 1 hr