Andrea Bernstein

Andrea Bernstein

1:00 pm | Yoga of Devotion: Bhatki Vinyasa Flow | YOGA LOFT


To help us to reclaim our Soul individually and in community is the mission of Conscious Destiny Visionary Andrea Bernstein. A master Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and Yogini, Andrea bridges the timeless wisdom of Yoga and Shamanism to offer new directions in mind-body health and sustainable healing and recovery.

Andrea is passionate about sharing the power of these ancient modalities to strengthen Spirit, find truth and center of being. She is dedicated to guiding seekers on their path of awakening and remembrance.



Yoga of Devotion: Bhatki Vinyasa Flow – Join Yogini and Shamanic Practitioner Andrea Bernstein accompanied by the music and chanting of Leraine Horstmanshoff as we take our yoga to it’s devotional roots and offer our practice as a full body prayer. The Sankalpa or intention of this class is to bring harmony to our bodies, voices, hearts and souls. Deepening our connection to ourselves, to one another and to the web of life of which we are part.